Top reviewed low-priced digital kitchen scales

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen ScaleHow did we select the top reviewed cheap digital kitchen scales? To get an excellent overview it is important that many people reviewed the digital kitchen scales. Ten or also 20 People is not a good representative number but if we could have a look at more than 100 or in this case more than 600 and 2.400 it will give us a very good information how people evaluated the product. A high number of reviews is also a good indication that many people use the product. When most of the people rated the product with a five star rating – bingo, we got our top products. We found two of them in the Amazon ratings.

Digital kitchen scales - Escali Primo Digital Kitchen ScaleThe number one rated is the EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale. Number two rated is the Escali Primo P115C.

What is similar between both digital kitchen scales?

Both digital kitchen scales are compact and flat units with nearly the same design and a simple two button operation. They are available in several colors.
Maximum capacity is 11 lb or 5 kg. This should be enough for most things to weigh. You can switch between metric and non-metric measurements. It is just a tip with your finger and can be very helpful if you use recipes with weight information from both worlds (pounds and kilogram).
With the left button you can switch the digital kitchen scales on and use the same button for the tare function. The button on the right hand side is for the unit of measure (grams or ounces).

Both digital kitchen scales are inexpensive in the same low price range and most users are happy with them. They like the ease of operation. Just put an empty bowl or plate on the scale and tare it out, put the first ingredient in and weigh, tare it again, add the next ingredient and weigh again. That´s all to do. Easy procedure.

You do not need special batteries for these two digital kitchen scales. You can use AA batteries for the Escali and the little bit smaller AAA type for the EatSmart. This makes life easier if you have to replace the batteries as you can get them nearly everywhere around the corner. Both digital kitchen scales come with an included timer. That means the scale switches off after a specific time to secure a long battery lifetime. It´s three minutes for the EatSmart and four minutes for the Escali – for both scales long enough so that there is plenty of food preparation time until they switch off.

What are the differences between both digital kitchen scales?

If you like a great choice of colors you should have a look at the Escali Primo. This scale is available in twelve different colors and makes it easy to find a color matching your kitchen design or what you personally like. These are the most available color choices among all digital kitchen scales I know. The EatSmart comes only in five different colors but if somebody is a little design oriented then it´s worth to have a look on the “White Chrome” or “Black Chrome”.

The two operating buttons at the Escali scale are sealed so that a liquid entry is impossible. Using the EatSmart you have to be more careful not to drop liquids between the two buttons (in the cracks). With a little bit carefulness or if you use a plastic cover over the whole scale, this difference should not be a big problem. The plastic cover is also a good protection not to smutch the scale if you are a little bit careless with the food.

A little EatSmart feature is that you do not have to push the tare button if you place a bowl or plate on it before you switch on the scale. After switch-on it zeroes automatically and you can start immediately to weigh your food ingredients. Not all low price digital kitchen scales do have this feature. Further it measures the ounces in 0.5 oz increments instead of 1 oz compared to the Escali.

The EatSmart scale comes with a calorie factors book so that you can count the calories of your food. This is a nice extra gift if you are on a diet or just to know you´re in the right calorie range.

Final thoughts

The benefits of both digital kitchen scales are its economical price and simplicity to use. Both food scales offer an excellent value for the money and each one has its special little plus in comparison to the other one. It seems that the EatSmart is a little bit in front of this scale race due to the higher number of excellent rated reviews.

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