OXO Good Grips Stainless Food Scale with Pull-Out Display

OXO Good Grips Stainless Food Scale with Pull-Out DisplayDo you have a new digital kitchen scale on your shopping list that not only looks good but is easy to use? If this is the case then take a look at what the OXO Good Grips Stainless Food Scale with Pull-Out Display has to offer.

The OXO brand has several types of kitchen scales in their product portfolio. OXO kitchen scales are popular because of the attention that has been given to ensure that each product is user-friendly and efficient. These scales are made for hobby cooks but also for people who are not so confident in the kitchen.

The food scale specification

The OXO Good Grips Food Scale has a square shape and the size is 11.25 x 8.5 x 2 inches. The scale base is made of plastic in a black color with a stainless steel weighing platform.

You have the choice to weigh your foods and ingredients in either ounces and pounds or grams and kilograms. This makes it easy to adapt to the respective weight information in cookbooks and recipes. The maximum capacity of this digital food scale is 11 pounds or 5 kilogram. You can set the scale to weigh foods in increments of 1/8 ounces or 1 gram.

Good visible display

A large LCD display in the front of the food scale with an optional backlight makes it easy to read the measurements. Further you can read the capacity left on the scale before the maximum capacity is reached. This is an advantage if you must weigh several ingredients and always have to set the scale to zero. With this feature you can estimate how much weight you can put to the already measured ingredients.

Food Scale handling

A large surface area allows you to place food directly on the scale for weighing it. You can also use the zero button. This means that you can use a plate, a bowl or a container to hold whatever you want to measure and the weight of that item will be subtracted so you will only get the weight of your food.
This is a useful feature if you are weighing loose foods or liquids.

One user said the scale is very accurate and that they can use it for a postage scale at home for weighing envelopes under one ounce to packages up to eleven pounds.

You can remove the stainless steel weighing platform for an easy cleaning.


Video Demo of the OXO Good Grips Food Scale

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Pull-Out display

A special feature of this small kitchen scale is that you can pull the display unit away from the main scale body. This is a great advantage if you are measuring foods or ingredients on a plate that is larger than the weighing platform of the scale. If this is the case you might be not able to read the measurements because the display is covered by the plate. With the pull-out feature it is not anymore a problem compared to many other small kitchen scales.

Which batteries are necessary for this kitchen scale?

The OXO Good Grips Food Scale work by inserting 4 AAA batteries. These batteries are included in the scope of supply when you buy the scale. These are standard batteries which you can get in nearly every shop.

Pricing of the OXO Good Grips food scale

The price of this OXO kitchen scale is in the medium price range between 40 – 50 $. However, the quality and the special pull-out display feature and the majority of good reviews from users legitimate the price. If you are looking for a cheaper but a good quality kitchen scale you may find one in the low price food scales comparison chart on this Website.

Short SummaryOXO Good Grips Stainless Food Scale

If you are looking for a good quality and well designed kitchen scale to weigh your ingredients accurately, the OXO Good Grips Food Scale could be a good choice.

This digital kitchen scale got many good reviews with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on the Amazon Website. CLICK HERE to read more details about the OXO food scale.

Low Price Food Scales Comparison

A good quality kitchen scale must not be expensive. There are so much low price food scales on the market to choose from so it sometimes become difficult which one to select. In the following comparison chart I selected 6 digital food scales in the lower price range. I chose each two kitchen scales around 15$, 20$ and 25$. My personal favorite is the EatSmart Precision Pro and the iFits digital kitchen scale 3450 with the best price pick. This scale got many good reviews and offers the best value for the money.

You can also read all the customer reviews at Amazon if you click on the scale picture in the chart and then scroll down the Amazon page or click on the review link below the headline on that page. However, first you should have a look on the comparison chart with a good outline of the features of all 6 low price food scales to find your favorite.

Low Price Food Scales Comparison Chart

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen ScaleEscali Primo Digital Multifuncti-
onal Scale
Ozeri Pro Digital Kitchen Food ScaleAmerican Weigh ONYX Slim Design Kitchen ScaleMicca Ultra Slim Precision Digital Kitchen ScaleiFits Digital Kitchen Scale EK3450
EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen ScaleEscali Primo Digital Kitchen ScaleOzeri Pro Digital Kitchen Food ScaleAmerican Weigh ONYX Slim Design Kitchen ScaleMicca Ultra Slim Precision Digital Kitchen ScaleiFits Digital Kitchen Scale EK3450
Capacity11 pounds11 pounds11 pounds11 pounds11 pounds11 pounds
Measurement unitsUS and metric
0.05 oz
1 gram
US and metric
0.1 oz
1 gram
US and metric
0.05 oz
1 gram
0.1 oz
US and metric
0.05 oz
1 gram
US and metric
0.1 oz
1 gram
Tare functionYesYesYesYesYesYes
Automatic turn-offYes
3 minutes
4 minutes
3 minutes
1 minute
time unknown
2 minutes
Battery type2 x AAA batteries2 x AA batteries2 x AAA batteries2 x CR2032 lithium button cells2 x AA batteries1 x 9V "block" battery
Available colors5 colors
White, red, silver, black chrome, white chrome
12 colors
Black, white, red, yellow, chrome, navy blue, burgundy, aruba blue, metallic, pumpkin orange, soft pink, terragon green, warm red
2 colors
stylish black, silver
9 colors
white, black, blue, silver, red, orange, turquoise, lime, pink
1 color
1 color
Elegant chrome (silver)
Extras and specialtiesCalorie factor booknononono2.4 liter
glass bowl
Room thermometer
Personal summaryTop rated quality kitchen scaleVery good rated quality kitchen scale with most available colorsVery good rated quality kitchen scaleStylish design but some cons like short turn-off time and no metric unitsCheap food scale at a reasonable qualityBest value for the money
Top price pick
Price range25$25$20$20$15$12$
My rating
Buy from Amazon

Top reviewed low-priced digital kitchen scales

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen ScaleHow did we select the top reviewed cheap digital kitchen scales? To get an excellent overview it is important that many people reviewed the digital kitchen scales. Ten or also 20 People is not a good representative number but if we could have a look at more than 100 or in this case more than 600 and 2.400 it will give us a very good information how people evaluated the product. A high number of reviews is also a good indication that many people use the product. When most of the people rated the product with a five star rating – bingo, we got our top products. We found two of them in the Amazon ratings.

Digital kitchen scales - Escali Primo Digital Kitchen ScaleThe number one rated is the EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale. Number two rated is the Escali Primo P115C.

What is similar between both digital kitchen scales?

Both digital kitchen scales are compact and flat units with nearly the same design and a simple two button operation. They are available in several colors.
Maximum capacity is 11 lb or 5 kg. This should be enough for most things to weigh. You can switch between metric and non-metric measurements. It is just a tip with your finger and can be very helpful if you use recipes with weight information from both worlds (pounds and kilogram).
With the left button you can switch the digital kitchen scales on and use the same button for the tare function. The button on the right hand side is for the unit of measure (grams or ounces).

Both digital kitchen scales are inexpensive in the same low price range and most users are happy with them. They like the ease of operation. Just put an empty bowl or plate on the scale and tare it out, put the first ingredient in and weigh, tare it again, add the next ingredient and weigh again. That´s all to do. Easy procedure.

You do not need special batteries for these two digital kitchen scales. You can use AA batteries for the Escali and the little bit smaller AAA type for the EatSmart. This makes life easier if you have to replace the batteries as you can get them nearly everywhere around the corner. Both digital kitchen scales come with an included timer. That means the scale switches off after a specific time to secure a long battery lifetime. It´s three minutes for the EatSmart and four minutes for the Escali – for both scales long enough so that there is plenty of food preparation time until they switch off.

What are the differences between both digital kitchen scales?

If you like a great choice of colors you should have a look at the Escali Primo. This scale is available in twelve different colors and makes it easy to find a color matching your kitchen design or what you personally like. These are the most available color choices among all digital kitchen scales I know. The EatSmart comes only in five different colors but if somebody is a little design oriented then it´s worth to have a look on the “White Chrome” or “Black Chrome”.

The two operating buttons at the Escali scale are sealed so that a liquid entry is impossible. Using the EatSmart you have to be more careful not to drop liquids between the two buttons (in the cracks). With a little bit carefulness or if you use a plastic cover over the whole scale, this difference should not be a big problem. The plastic cover is also a good protection not to smutch the scale if you are a little bit careless with the food.

A little EatSmart feature is that you do not have to push the tare button if you place a bowl or plate on it before you switch on the scale. After switch-on it zeroes automatically and you can start immediately to weigh your food ingredients. Not all low price digital kitchen scales do have this feature. Further it measures the ounces in 0.5 oz increments instead of 1 oz compared to the Escali.

The EatSmart scale comes with a calorie factors book so that you can count the calories of your food. This is a nice extra gift if you are on a diet or just to know you´re in the right calorie range.

Final thoughts

The benefits of both digital kitchen scales are its economical price and simplicity to use. Both food scales offer an excellent value for the money and each one has its special little plus in comparison to the other one. It seems that the EatSmart is a little bit in front of this scale race due to the higher number of excellent rated reviews.

Top-of-the line Food Scales selection

Edlund Poseidon Submersible Stainless Steel Portion ScaleTop quality food scales are necessary in any professional food establishment. Many manufacturers have produced top class food scales for food service needs. Top-of-the line food scales can be purchased online today and you do not have to go to a retailer. Below mentioned prices are just indicate current price levels researched online. It is best to check different places on the Internet and compare prices, delivery terms and included accessories before you make your purchase.

Edlund top-of-the line food scales

The Edlund Poseidon WSC-10 portion control scale makes your job of cleaning up very easy because it is submersible. Its stainless steel design has a dual housing so that it is protected from any water damage or if it is dropped. This scale is digital and very accurate. The scale can be used with either an AC adapter or four “AA” batteries. The WSC-10 begins at prices above $350.00, and is available online at several retailers.

The Edlund SR-10 OP-Over-sized Platform Vertical Face Mechanical Portion Scale can be purchased from several online stores. This scale is NSF certified meaning it has been tested by the National Sanitation Foundation and it complies with the standards imposed by the NSF. This scale features an over-sized platform, it is equipped with a rotating dial and made in the USA.

The Edlund HD-10DP-Dial Type with Dash pot is a heavy-duty scale that can weigh items up to100 pounds and begins at $145.00. The Edlund WRD-10 is a wireless remote pizza portion control scale with a large back lit display that reads in pounds, ounces and grams. The remote display can be mounted at a position with an excellent view to the readout.

Detecto top-of-the line food scales

The Detecto MCS-10KGDB is a butchers’ scale with easy to read graduations and numbers and with a pointer that indicates the weight of a purchase quickly and accurately with a main price range above $160.00.

The Detecto MCS-10KGF is a hanging scale for fish and vegetables. This food scale has a round pan with drainage holes and the price starts around $200.00.

The Detecto MCS-10KGH is a hook scale with a white measurement face with black numerals and graduations, priced in the range of $130.00.

The Detecto MCS-10KGP is a hanging scale that has a galvanized scoop and chains. This is a heavy duty scale and priced a little bit above the MCS-10KGH.

Crestware food scales

The Crestware Receiving Scale can weigh items up to 60 pounds and has a rotating dial. The Crestware SCA10100 Receiving Scale weighs items up to 100 pounds and its price starts at $132.00.
The Crestware Receiving Scale SCA10200 can weigh items that are up to 200 pounds and has a price starting at $160.00.

Taylor Scales

The Taylor Precision TE10R is an electronic portion control scale with a LCD read out. This scale has a convenient HOLD function that locks the weight onto the screen after the items are removed from on top. The price of the Taylor Precision TE10R starts at $134.00.
The Taylor TE10SSW is a waterproof digital scale with a stainless steel base and begins at $238.00.

Avery Berkel Scales

The Avery Berkel LPS30 bench scale is a portion control scale and can weigh items up to 30 pounds. It has a battery with a 20-hour life and an AC adapter. It is great for use in salad and sandwich shops as well as bakeries and food markets. The LPS30 is available in the range of $170 – $200.

The Avery Berkel FX220/12 is a scale that can weigh items up to 12 pounds and is legal for trade with a price-computing feature. It´s build from stainless steel.

The Avery Berkel FX210 is a cake scale that has a rotating platform so that working on cakes can be done while weighing them. This professional scale is also great for monitoring ingredient usage and the price level depends on the version of the food scale with its different features and starts in the range of $390.

If you are looking for top-of-the line food scales, the best and most reliable information is from someone who has already used the product. The rating for top-of-the line food scales can be found on the Internet along side of the product that is available for purchase. Before purchasing a kitchen scale, you should take the time to check out the ratings given by customers.

Tips for using Nutritional Food Scales

Nutritional food scales - EatSmart Digital Nutrition ScaleNutritional food scales should be a staple piece of equipment in every kitchen or food preparation area. Unlike in years past the amount of food served at meals is on the rise. Fast food restaurants and local diners are aiming to please the appetites of the consumers. Larger drinks and larger plates is resulting in larger waist sizes all throughout the modern world. People are completely out of touch with what a healthy serving size is. Here are some tips to start using nutritional food scales as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Restaurants often serve main courses on extremely large plates. The portions that are served often provide two to three times the necessary amount of calories for that meal.

Cooking at home is a great way to be in charge of the ingredients that are within all foods prepared. Measuring out each ingredient using a nutrition scale is a great way to become familiar with what a true serving size is and how much calories the served meal contains.

Many diets list the suggested amount of food for snacks throughout the day. The suggestions are usually nuts, cheese, fruits, or some type of non-processed food. Nutritional food scales can help to separate out snacks in the right amount. These snacks can be taken in a lunch box or small travel bag during the day to help ward off hunger to stay on a diet.

High-end restaurants that are serving foods at market price often use nutritional food scales. Higher priced foods like fish and meats can be weighted at home. Protein often costs the most per pound when shopping at a local neighborhood grocer, fresh farm market, or in a large chain supermarket. Dividing up the portions can help the family put the meal into perspective.

Purchasing foods in bulk and putting them in smaller packages for storage can save a great deal of money throughout the year. Nutritional food scales can help to weigh and calculate the calories for each portion prior to freezing in freezer bags or Tupperware.

Growing families often can have healthy cuts of meat or fish at each meal, if it is properly proportioned. The rest of the meal can have foods that have less calories, and in some cases may not need to be weighted. Examples of this are deep leafy green salads, cups of vegetable soup, steamed vegetables, or raw vegetables.

Desserts are often seen as a danger zone. Cooking healthy home made desserts often requires the use of nutritional food scales when mixing the key ingredients. After the desserts are prepared or baked, weighing them helps to prevent exceeding the recommended number of calories for the day.

Taking steps to become healthier is not always an easy process. Choose nice dishes that are a modest size. Avoid extra large plates when eating at home. The open space usually is filled with unnecessary calories. Instead, consider eating on smaller plates, salad plates, or modern square plates. The combination of eating on a smaller plate and measuring all of the nutrient rich foods eaten can help to maintain a healthy weight. Use these tips to lose weight by using nutritional food scales.